What a video projector shutter or video projector dowser is?

It is simply a mechanical shutter that placed in front of the lens of a video projector allows to obscure for the necessary time the image or the light that the video projector emits. This avoids on the screen or on the stage the light emitted by the projector, even when the image is black. This is very useful for theatre, dance, conferences and events.


An aluminium flap rotates in front of the lens, controlled by a DMX lighting console or by using the supplied remote control. The shutter is equipped with a servomotor to which is fixed a black aluminium flap, which may be fixed in different positions so that it perfectly obscure the lens.

The aluminium flap is available in three sizes: for projectors with a diameter up to 110 mm optical, projectors with diameter up to 140 mm (supplied as standard), and projectors with diameter up to 160 mm (please specify in the order if you need a different flap than the standard normally supplied). On request, we can supply flaps with specific measures.

The shutter project has been designed to keep the product as cheap as possible without sacrificing the quality of the components and the reliability of it. It has 2-year warranty for private buyers and 1 year if you buy as a Company.

The packaging of the DMX ShutterVideo includes: 1 shutter DMX, a backlit remote control, a flap with a diameter of 140 mm to 240 mm in length, a 6V power supply.

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